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We start by looking at your goals, challenges, and budget. Then, we’ll become your brand’s biggest fans, finding the narratives that resonate and inspire.

Dave Hiff
Dave Hiff
Partner, Producer

Get to know Dave

Expert juggler. I basically run around all day, and somehow manage to get a lot done. I’m the person who takes care of all the little logistical details that need to be managed for every project we work on.

What’s spare time?

Just kidding. I always find a little time for Sidney Crosby and the Pittsburg games.

Making people happy! I love having a good time with our team, and watching our clients get so excited and inspired by what we create. A text message full of emojis always makes my day!


Definitely Leonardo Dicaprio.

In my prime, I was referred to as Leo twice, and I’ll never forget it.

I’m Brandon, and I like making videos. Just ask me.

Meet Brandon

Where do I even begin? As Creative Director, my job is to juggle. I juggle the creative vision for each project, manage the creative team, make sure we’re achieving project goals, direct video shoots, and stay on top of industry trends. I never drop the ball.

What is this ‘spare time’ you speak of??

I spend a ton of time analyzing videos, movies, and commercials. Others might see it as browsing; I see it as research. I’m a cinephile, without the crazy cult-like following of a particular director / filmmaker. I appreciate good work, new ideas, and fresh perspectives.

If I see something I’m inspired by, I write it down and imagine ways of building off the concept and incorporating it into my work.

Everybody knows that Shoeless Joes has the best wings in town. I will fight you, Kendra.

Moose Winooski’s comes in at a close second. Honourable mention to Morty’s Pub.

This sounds so boring and responsible of me, but honestly, I would invest it. I might use $10 of it to buy a pound of Shoeless Joe wings though.

Wrote a best-selling novel before she learned to speak.

Brandon Hardy
Brandon Hardy
Partner, Creative Director
Kendra Ross
Kendra Ross
VP of Marketing

Chat with Kendra

I love working on marketing and content strategy! Not only does it give me complete control of my royal title on our website, it means that I get to work on the strategy and concept for every story we tell.

I make time to read a lot. Stories are a big part of my life. If you run into me on the street, ask me what book is weighing down my bag!

Our clients inspire me. People who are building brands do so out of passion. Our job is to tap into that, and share it with the world. How can you not be inspired by that kind of mission?

The Count of Monte Cristo! It’s just such an amazing and engaging story. I can be a bit of a purist when it comes to novels, and I avoid the movie adaptations of my favourites, but this story is great in all forms.

Sushi! No question.

Drumroll for Brad

I use light, camera movements, and magic* to create amazing images.

* Under no circumstance does Brad claim he is capable of magic or any other form of wizardry. This disclaimer hereby excludes Brad of all legal ramifications.

I work on passion projects, putter around my house, dabble in film photography, and have a good time. I also dabble in woodworking, and I’m considering tinkering with a project car or motorcycle.

Inspiration comes in different forms for me. I don’t draw inspiration from one particular source: I study my craft, my peers, and my idols. I take elements of their work and attempt to implement that into my workflow, sometimes successfully, sometimes not.

I draw lots of inspiration from music videos, as well as commercials. Roger Deakins, Kate Arizmendi, and Curtis Morgan are a few names on my ever-growing list.

Tough one – I have too many! Shawshank Redemption, Good Will Hunting, Seven, The Room, Dark Knight. Really anything shot beautifully — I don’t watch movies to enjoy them; I watch them to study them. And we haven’t even gotten to TV or Netflix shows…

40? I guess that tips you off to what I do when we’re not on set…

Young Dave. Teenage Dave. College Dave. Middle Age Dave.

Brad Scholl
Brad Scholl
Director of Photography

About video marketing

Kendra: We’re storytellers. We know how powerful a narrative can be in engaging an audience and inspiring action. So while we start with your success metrics and make sure we’re driving towards results, we do that by creating powerful stories that pull in your target market.

Dave: A group of very professional experts giving you expert advice.


You can expect to work with a team who takes results seriously, but has a lot of fun while getting them. We start by having a kickoff with our whole team, so you have creative and marketing minds in the room. We’ll talk about your goals, metrics of success, your target market, and then we’ll come back with a plan about how to engage that audience to meet those goals.

If you want to learn more about the process, give me a shout! I’d be happy to send you a detailed outline of every step, including deliverables that you can expect from us.

Brandon: Everywhere. Every day we’re all bombarded by different types of content: television ads, pre-roll ads, radio ads, billboards, etc. Because we see and hear it all so often, it’s easy for people to just tune it out. But I try to take it all in.

I constantly catch myself in the middle of analyzing a scene in a movie or commercial I just watched. I scrounge internet forums, social media, and industry websites to stay on top of trends.

You can find inspiration in anything really; you just have to pay attention.

Brad: Music, music videos, commercials, photography, contemporary art, my peers, my colleagues, movies… it’s a never-ending list.

Brandon: The projects we really enjoy are the ones that allow for creative freedom, and force us to think outside the box and try something new. I enjoy content that makes you think, whether it’s with a different camera angle or a different approach to storytelling.

Typically top-of-funnel commercial projects allow for this sort of out-of-the-box thinking, but really any project can be approached this way!

Dave: Video logistics are super complex, and there are many steps with a bunch of creatives who need to be involved. By the time your commercial is produced, it’s probably been worked on by 10-20 different people that you haven’t even met!

The one thing we like to do to manage this is start with your budget and your goals. That way we can suggest styles of video that can be produced in your budget, and maximize your ROI.

Running Oak & Rumble

Dave: Dare to suck!

It’s a sentence that’s said in almost every concepting meeting we have. We’re big believers in working collaboratively, so we start by talking through everyone’s ideas (especially the weird ones), and building off them!

Dave: The world’s our oyster. No. Kendra, fix this for me.

Kendra: What Dave’s trying to say is that there aren’t a lot of limits on what we do. As creatives, that’s really exciting! We have a lot of freedom to try new ideas, new technology, new ways of telling stories.

Brandon: That’s actually a big part of my job! I’m the guy with the vision, and I work hard to make sure that’s communicated with our whole team and our client.

We have pitch meetings with our clients to discuss the overall concept and vision for the project, and we provide lots of documents like scripts, storyboards, casting sheets, and location scout documents to make sure we’re all on the same page.

At the end of the day, any creative project is going to require some faith from the client side, and we’re extremely lucky to have clients that trust us to create the best product for them.

Marketing for tech companies

Brandon: The best part about working with tech companies is that they’re so passionate. They solve big problems for people, and their products are complicated because they need to be.

The challenge is boiling down project goals, and communicating information the end consumer finds relevant and engaging. It could be easy to get caught up in how cool the tech is and everything it’s capable of, while the end user just wants to know how it will make their life easier.

The industry

Dave: Awards aren’t that important to us. They look cool, but creating the next cool thing is even better.

Advice for aspiring creatives


  1. Try new things, and say yes to opportunities you aren’t sure you’re capable of.
  2. If you’ve said yes to an opportunity you aren’t sure you’re capable of, don’t be afraid to ask for advice or feedback.
  3. Discover what inspires you. Spend a ton of time analyzing the content around you.
  4. Get good at communicating your ideas. Communication and people skills can make or break you.

Brandon: Definitely! We’re so lucky that we’ve found a way to make careers out of our passion.

The hard part is proving to people that your crazy creative ideas will work.