Brandon Hardy sitting in front of his computer
Video Production Tutorials

Setting Up a Premiere Pro Project

  Today we’re talking about how to set up a Premiere Pro project from the very very beginning. We’ll talk about the process and why we make certain decisions when…

Brandon Hardy in front of his computer
Video Production Tutorials

Organizing Your Video Project’s File Folders

Having a messy video project folder is the worst. It’s hard to find things, it slows you down, and increases the likelihood of your media going offline. Every editor, filmmaker,…

Behind the Scenes

The role of a producer

Or, an excuse to compare myself to Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy Here’s an obvious statement for you: teamwork is essential to success. I know, I know – groundbreaking, right?…

Behind the Scenes

10 Questions a Video Production Company Will Ask You

So, you want to make a video… We’ve carefully crafted 10 questions you must answer in order for a production company to bring your ideas to life. This simple 10-question guide…