Interview Video Checklist

Interviews are a great way to share your company’s expertise. They can be used as thought leadership pieces for your website and social channels, as fireside chats that provide your employees or customers insight into your business, or even as a way of communicating training information or answering FAQs!

These videos can be an amazing brand tool, so how do we make sure they’re as effective as possible?

Decide what you want to communicate.

It may feel a little counterintuitive at first, but start by writing what you want the end result to be. Capture the main points you’d like to make sure are communicated.

Decide how to get them to say it!

Develop questions that will prompt the response you’re looking for. If the person speaking, whether a CEO or a junior marketer, has their content memorized or over prepared, they can sound robotic, stressed, or too structured. Your job is to write the questions that allow them to showcase their expertise, without worrying that they’re messing up a line or a talking point.

Overly scripted interviews don’t tend to look natural, so write smart questions that will guide the interviewee in the right direction.

Consider the time constraints, and revisit your questions.

An engaging interview video is usually around 1-2 minutes long. If you get any longer than 2 minutes, you’ll likely start losing your audience. Keeping your video under 2 minutes also means it will be shareable on social platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

So take a look at the outline you wrote, and make sure you add a little bit of a buffer. Things always take longer on camera, and if the person who’s being interviewed is an expert in their field, they’ll likely have a lot to say! If your point-form notes take 2 minutes to read, it’s safe to expect someone speaking it to take 30% longer.

Everyone learned the “who, what, when, why, how” technique for interviewing in school, but not all of this information will need to be communicated. For a one-minute video, you really only need to prepare 40-50 seconds of content – that’s two or three questions at the most.

Pick a location.

Large open spaces are best, as it gives your video team space to get the best angles and shots. You should also consider your brand, and what you’re trying to communicate with the space. Is it a casual fireside chat? Or will you be in front of desks and people working?

Remember to choose somewhere quiet if possible, you’ll thank us later when you aren’t worried about people accidentally talking during the perfect take!

You’ll also want to double check that your location has electrical access – at least 2 outlets will be needed to plug in all the lights.

And finally, send us pictures! This will help us bring all the equipment we need to make sure the sound and picture is perfect.

Help the person on camera choose their clothing.

The person on camera will want to look their best, and the biggest consideration is that they’re comfortable. If they’re not worried about how they look, they’ll be more relaxed and able to chat about what they know best. That said, just because your favourite outfit is a two-toned white blouse, doesn’t mean it’s going to show up perfectly on camera.

We always recommend that people wear bright, solid colours. Blues, greens, and other strong colours always look amazing. If they’re wearing a jacket, soft colours work too.

In general, avoid white, orange, stripes, big prints, and any glossy fabrics. If the person will need a mic attached to their shirt, scarves can get in the way, so keep that in mind as well!

Video shoots have a lot of lighting, which can reflect off big pieces of jewellery. Both men and women should keep this in mind, and be smart about their choice of watches, pins, and necklaces. The same goes for glasses, although if they’ll be more comfortable wearing them, we’ll make sure we take it into account when setting up the lighting.

Above all – if you’re comfortable in your clothes, you’re more likely to be comfortable in the video!

Don’t stress!

Cameras (and our crew) are great because they can fix hiccups, and we can do 10 takes if we need to! The person being interviewed, and you behind the camera hoping they say what you want them to, shouldn’t feel pressure. Whether you’re working with us or another video production company, the people on set will make you both feel comfortable and help drive the responses you need. They’re experts and they do this a lot. Now, take three deep breaths!


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