There is an invasion of high heels at Oak & Rumble! No, Dave did not lose another bet…

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I’m so excited to be joining the Oak & Rumble team!

Over the last year, I’ve had such a great time watching Dave and Brandon work. Since I met the guys, I’ve been a subject of interviews, a team member, and a client. So I’ve had the chance to see up close how incredibly talented they are as artists and storytellers.

More importantly, I’ve seen how they work with their clients and team. The level of trust and faith in each team member is truly special. I’ve never had so much fun while working so hard!

whole Oak & Rumble team


The day I took this picture, Oak & Rumble was shooting a video for Wriber. At one point around lunch, we started falling behind. It was taking longer than expected to set up certain shots, and we were working on a tight timeline to meet a tight budget.

Dave could see I was starting to get nervous, and came over to talk to me. I’ll never forget how calm he was as he told me point blank that there wasn’t any point in worrying about it. Because Brandon was a genius and he’d have us caught up before there was anything to truly worry about. The message was clear: trust the team, we’ve got this.

What’s stuck with me even 6 months later is that everyone on that set – from the actors to the intern – were part of the team, and trusted to be amazing. And did they ever deliver! We were caught up with the schedule by 3:00, and the video is awesome.

So when they asked me to join them, the decision was easy.

I love helping smart, talented, passionate teams define and communicate what makes them so special. It’s why I’ve always enjoyed working with startups and tech companies.

I’m excited to help Dave and Brandon share why they’re amazing, and I’m looking forward to adding that perspective for our clients and partners as well.

So, if you’d like to grab a coffee or a drink and chat about marketing or awesome shoes, you have my number!

– Kendra


Kendra Ross
Marketing Director, Oak & Rumble

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