We create video and written content for marketing, sales, and customer service teams.

We understand business goals and how important return on investment is to you. So we tell stories that help you engage your audience and drive new business. Our team shares what makes you special.

Oak & Rumble ❤ Startups

 We know what it’s like to give everything you have to building and scaling your business.

That’s why we love working with startups like you. You’re passionate about the problems you’re solving and the people you’re helping. We also know how tight budgets can be. So we’ve created a few packages designed to help tech companies like yours get the word out.

What’s your sales process missing?

4 Thought leadership videos

Thought leadership videos give your team the chance to explain complex concepts and share industry news. They can be used on a blog or resources page, and your marketer will thank you, but including them in cold sales emails is also incredibly effective! The use of video in sales emails increases open and response rates.

Discounted Cost: $2,500

Build hype

1 Commercial video
4 Thought leadership videos

Set yourself up as an industry leader, with a shareable video to build hype and supporting content for your new blog or resources pages. Commercial videos live at the top of your marketing funnel, and are awesome for sharing on social media!

Discounted Cost: $8,500

Start a conversation

1 Product demo video
4 Thought leadership videos

Do you have a niche or complex product with a complex buying cycle? Product demo or walkthrough videos can be a huge help for both your marketing and sales teams. Thought leadership videos follow up by positioning you as a leader in your industry, while you explain complex concepts.

Discounted Cost: $5,000

All the video you need – It’s magic!

1 Commercial video
1 Product demo video
4 Thought leadership videos

If you’re ready to ramp up, we can create all the content you need to generate a lot of buzz!

Discounted Cost: $11,000

Drive even bigger results

Optimized blogs and landing pages
Hosting and enhanced analytics

We work with our clients on everything from defining their story to social media and email campaigns. Talk to us about how we can become part of your team!

We start by looking at your goals, challenges, and budget.

We’ll talk about your team, and what you can accomplish in-house. Then, we’ll discuss how our awesome team can act as an extension of the amazing people you’re already working with.

Looking for help telling your story?

Let us know what your challenges are.