Summer is a time when many of our beloved colleagues relax and take some time off. But as marketers, we remain constantly vigilant. That said, coming up with new ideas for content can be tricky when our minds would rather be at the beach. If you find some holes in your posting schedule, here are some ideas you can use this summer. You can thank us later. 😉


1) Graduations & Prom (apparently these are month-long events now…)

Graduation and prom season is in full swing in June, and if you can make your younger audience feel special with content just for them!

Prom has become a big deal for teens on social media, especially promposals. If you haven’t heard of them, think engagements. Except more elaborate. With less long-term commitment. Actually, I understand the draw now. Capitalizing on these social media spectacles can increase your reach and demonstrate your brand’s relevance.

Post about different deals and offers you have for graduating students. They have major prom expenses, and they’re leaving high school or college. They have a lot on their plate – bills, tuition, debt, food, rent – you know, the little things.


2) Worldwide Day of Giving (June 15th)

Everybody loves to rece- I mean, give! You get that warm feeling – making someone happy, and making the world just a little bit better.

This would be a great day to try creating some video content. Giving selflessly brings out the best in people – you see their joy. Capturing this with video allows the cynical marketer to scale that, and share it with the world! Win-Win.

Encourage your customers to get into the spirit, or run giveaways that benefit both your customers and your community.


3) Father’s Day (June 17th)

Father’s Day doesn’t have to be just about selling BBQs. It’s also a great time to tell your story – shoutout to your own dad on social media, and share how he helped you build your amazing business.

People love an emotional story. Don’t worry about selling, use this as an opportunity to share what makes you tick.



4) Canada Day (July 1st)

Heck yeah! Patriotism! The day where we ride around on moose and stuff our faces full of poutine!

It’s also a day where you can remember our history, and thank the indigenous peoples whose lands we now thrive on.


5) National Ice Cream Day (July 15th)

As if you needed another reason to live ice cream, National Ice Cream Day is help on the third Sunday each July. Celebrate by ordering ice cream for your office, and sharing all the sticky selfies. Don’t forget to tag your local ice creamery – your shoutout should prompt them to share your post!


6) 😁❤️🔥💯 World Emoji Day 💯😁❤️🔥 (July 17th)

92% of consumers use emojis. I’m planning on celebrating by only responding to emails in emojis all day. Will keep you posted on how that goes.

Either way, you just know there’s going to be hype. Give your posts some flare, start an emoji contest, or just enjoy trying to interpret  ⏰🐷✈



7) World Wide Web Day (August 1st)

It’s internet day – woohoo! Time to spam endless gifs. Let’s celebrate everything the internet has given to us – like the crucial knowledge of how to cut a giraffe out of a sponge – and encourage our followers to respond with their favourites.

And sure, it’s not Cyber Monday, but why not celebrate the internet by posting a one-day-only sale for online orders?

8) International Cat Day (August 8th)

Cats are chill but make for great internet content. You know, your aunt posts one, and then suddenly your neighbour’s cousin’s grandmother has seen it. It was just a six-second video of a cat jumping at a cucumber, but people still liked it. To conclude, cats can mind control.

Start sharing those cat videos!


9) National Dog Day (August 26th)

Cat day is international but the poor doggos only get a national day of recognition? Sounds like something a cat would scheme up…

Just like cats, you can celebrate our puppers by posting all their cuteness, sharing comics, and generally appreciating man’s best friend. Bonus points for having an office dog.



10) Labour Day (September 3rd)

Now, normally I don’t like celebrating the end of summer, but Labour Day is really just an excuse to hit the patio, right?

You can host a Labour Day BBQ, have a sale, or even just cheers your community as they share their long weekend plans.


Phew! Ok, time for a little patio break.

Help us build out our list – what holidays do you love posting about in the summer?