So, you want to make a video…

We’ve carefully crafted 10 questions you must answer in order for a production company to bring your ideas to life. This simple 10-question guide will ensure that you have provided the necessary information to your video partner.

Video production companies will strive to make content that surpasses your expectations, and accurately conveys your message. Videos are a complicated entity, but it is the video production company’s job to make your life easy. So sit back, relax, and answer a few simple questions so your video partners can blow your mind with beautiful pixels and music notes.

1. What’s the purpose of the video?

One of the first questions you will be asked! It is important to understand why your video is being made. Is the purpose of the video to entertain at a conference/event, or perhaps a company promotional video that is hosted on your homepage? There are tons of ways your video can be implemented, shared, or viewed, but your production company will need to know this so that they can cater the video to that specification.

2. Who’s the target audience?

Investors, consumers, businesses, students, experts, cats, dogs? Maybe not the last two, but it is important to determine who the video will be structured for. For example: you may have a technologically advanced product that you would like the average Joe to understand, or perhaps that same technologically advanced product is being showcased for experts in the field. The content shifts to suit the audience. The average Joe may be more receptive to a simple explainer video while the experts could benefit from a complex content video discussing the science behind the tech.

3. Can you describe the overall tone of the video?

Happy, sad, exciting, inspirational, motivational… these are feelings and tones that videos convey. It is important for your video partner to know how you want the audience to leave the video feeling. Inspiration might inspire your audience to buy your product, or shop/think a certain way. Setting the right tone emphasizes the message you’re conveying.

4. What is the call to action?

The ‘CTA’ is sometimes the most understated part of the video, but can pack a punch.  It may be a link to your website, or a logo with your mission statement. Ultimately this is the last thing your audience is going to see, and it may determine where they turn to for information, or what they do next!

5. How long will you want it to be?

Shorter is often better in the video world! Video teams will want a rough idea on length, but may have some input or suggestions. You may want a 5-minute video, but ask yourself, does it need to be 5 minutes? With so many distractions in the world, viewers’ attention span seem to be getting shorter and shorter. Maintaining a viewers’ interest is important. People like to jump around from video to video, and if your video is too long they will often click away before you get your message across!

6. What do you think of animation / motion graphics?

Will there be a need? Is this something you’re interested in? This is a feature that can add great production value, and improve the way your video is absorbed. Motion graphics mixed with video can often help people gain a better understanding visually… and it looks cool!

7. Do you have any ideas about filming locations?

Locations are key to video! Perhaps you have some filming spots in mind, or you are looking for suggestions. Large spaces are often ideal for filming, as the video equipment needed is cumbersome and takes up space. Larger spaces are also better for the video as it gives the production company ample room to frame a shot.

8. What’s your deadline?

Every project has a deadline, and it is something that both the client and the production company work towards. There are plenty of steps in the video creative process, and having a timeline helps keep both sides on track. Videos can take anywhere from weeks to months, but knowing and sticking to the deadline is beneficial for everyone!

9. What’s your budget?

When the video production company knows your budget, they know the parameters they can work within. Video production companies will be able to use this information to create a video estimate or package that meets your needs. This leaves you feeling confident that you stayed within budget!

10. Do you have any examples?

We’ve all seen that video go viral on YouTube! Providing video example links (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) help you share your expectations visually, and it is a great step in the process. This doesn’t mean your video is guaranteed to go viral, but it helps everyone analyze what features of the video might have lead to it’s popularity. Both you and your video partner can really get a handle on what each of you are thinking, and it is an effective way to offer a visual representation of what you want your final product to look like.

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  • PatrickOrtman

    This is a good list, folks. One more that we always ask potential clients: what makes your company/product/service special, and who are the main competitors in your space? You can get much of this info on the client’s website, but it’s good to hear it straight from the client as well. This way, the story you craft for them stays on message, and you know who you have to beat to succeed.

  • Jared Lee

    This is very helpful and hopefully more people can read this so they can be better informed on the procedures and usual questions they might be asked so the process would go even smoother.

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