The easiest way to ensure your sales and marketing teams are aligned, is to create awesome content that can be leveraged by both teams. This is good news – it means that your organization can be more cohesive, and more productive, while creating content efficiently.

So, what content is your sales team looking for?

1) Case studies

You can use these on your blog as self-serve material for prospects in the “consideration” stage. Your sales team can also email them to show real value when talking to potential clients.

2) Testimonials

Video testimonials are especially helpful as a multi-purpose asset. They look great on your website and on landing pages, and they’re super effective in emails. Including a video in your emails increases the response rate by 500%!

3) Cheat sheets

It’s worth your time to create short documents that group resources, messaging, and other assets by persona or challenge. This will help your sales team access the right messaging at the right time and ensures a smooth buyer journey.

Everyone benefits when sales and marketing departments are aligned. You spend less time creating content that is more effective, and you optimize your customer’s journey.

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