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Supporting our community

We just wanted to say a big thank you to FilmSupply, Dietetic Directions, and HIP Developments for contributing video footage to these projects. You’re wonderful, and we so appreciate your…

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Behind the Scenes

COVID-19: What to expect with your video projects

I know that you’re receiving a lot of emails right now from brands that you forgot had your email address. I, for one, just got a notice from Best Buy…

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Behind the Scenes Video Production Best Practices

How to dress for an interview video

When meeting someone new, the first thing they’ll notice is how you’re dressed. This can have a big impact on how people first perceive you. So having a good outfit…

Trends in Digital Marketing

10 marketing & blog ideas for summer

Summer is a time when many of our beloved colleagues relax and take some time off. But as marketers, we remain constantly vigilant. That said, coming up with new ideas…

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Video Marketing Best Practices

The Burned Out Marketer’s Guide to Proving Their Worth

A playbook for calculating ROI and benchmarking video metrics   In most organizations, marketers are under a lot of pressure to be able to demonstrate that their department isn’t an…

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Trends in Digital Marketing

Square vs. Landscape Social Media Video

We recently read an amazing study by Buffer on whether you should be using square or landscape video in your social media video marketing campaigns. We’re all about making data…

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Video Marketing Best Practices

Video Marketing Best Practices: Instagram

Instagram is an extremely visual platform, especially compared to Twitter, or even Facebook. So you’re going to have to do a few things differently when creating video content. Talking heads…

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Video Marketing Best Practices

Video Marketing Best Practices: Facebook

Sharing videos on Facebook – when it’s done right, it can be one of the most effective parts of your distribution plan. First, actually upload your video to Facebook. I…

Video Marketing Best Practices

Video Marketing Best Practices: Twitter

I have a confession. I’m a little bit obsessed with Twitter. If you’re a B2B business whose audience spends time there, it can be an amazing way to reach out…

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Trends in Digital Marketing

Marketing Your Startup

Here at Reebee, we help people save time and money while shopping, so when we start marketing ourselves, we focus on the exact same things. How can we maximize our…

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Trends in Digital Marketing

Why You Need to Focus on Human-Centred Marketing Now

Human-centred marketing puts people’s needs first, which yields powerful engagement and customer-led results. This post comes from Overlap, a social innovation design consultancy in Kitchener, Ontario that believes better is…

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Behind the Scenes

Social Media: Brought to You By HR

Traditionally, social media lives solely in the marketing world. Marketers take courses to learn about strategy, metrics, attribution, creating awesome content – so many things that HR professionals have never…

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Trends in Digital Marketing

How to Launch a Startup

  The advice I always give to entrepreneurs is: stop overthinking and just get shit done. Most of the people I talk to spend way too much time planning when…

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Trends in Digital Marketing

Writing to Be Ranked on Google

It’s no secret that being ranked highly in Google’s search results is important. About 77% of Google searches result in a click to a website, and more than 80% of…

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Trends in Digital Marketing

Why You Should Care About Influencer Marketing

When was the last time you bought something because a celebrity told you to? Probably never. The reality is that only 3% of consumers are positively impacted by celebrity endorsements….

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Trends in Digital Marketing

Schema Markup

Let’s talk about Search Engine Optimization, and more specifically schema markup. Search engines are on a mission to match searchers with the best, most relevant content they can find on…