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You’re smart, creative, and just plain awesome.

We are too!

Who you’ll be working with:

We’re a team of marketers, creative directors, and producers who work collaboratively on everything from commercial video to social media campaigns. We make sure that all our art is informed by data, taking details about target markets and value propositions and turning them into creative and engaging stories. We love working with super talented people and we trust their expertise, so you’ll be working with team members across every discipline!

Where you’ll be:

We call Downtown Kitchener home, spending our days among our favourite people: innovative and amazing creatives, developers, engineers, and business minds. Our office is a leisurely five-minute walk to Communitech, the new transit hub, and amazing condos, bars, and museums.

How do we know? Because you can start listening to a song on your headphones and be basically anywhere you need to go before it’s over.

Some things about you:

I'm an amazing motion graphics designer / animator

I'm a Jack of all (Video) Trades!

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305 King Street West, Unit 604
Kitchener, ON

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