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Hey everybody!

This week I want to talk about how to come up with ideas for your video content.

The first resource to leverage is your network and your clients. They’re asking you questions, so answer them! There’s likely going to be a lot of people searching for those answers. So not only are you going to be connecting with your network and strengthening those connections, but you’re actually going to also be driving traffic to your website.

For example, I was actually asked by somebody in my network recently about closed captioning and transcribing videos, so I made a video about it!

This brings me to my next point: search keywords. What are people Googling? When people have a question, they turn to Google. They ask it all sorts of questions, whether they have a problem, or they’re searching for a new tool to use.

If we know what people are asking Google, we can create content that helps solve their problem. For example, we know that a ton of people are Googling things like, ‘what should I wear in an interview?’ Or, ‘what type of shirt?’ ‘What looks good on camera?’ So we wrote a blog about what to wear in an interview.

A great tool to discover those questions is keyword.io.

Next, a great way to generate content ideas is by keeping on top of trends. The most effective way to put stuff out on social media is participating in an existing conversation. What’s trending? Well, not to date this video in Covid times, but Tiger King content is pretty trendy right now.

Hello all you cool cats and kittens.

If you have a niche audience, try to figure out what that in-group is talking about. Google Trends and Twitter Trending are great resources. There’s also BuzzSumo but that’s for sumo wrestlers. There’s also BuzzSump but that one does cost money.

Next, we have repurposing existing content. So this could be converting a video to a blog, an infographic to a video. It could be taking a presentation and turning it into a series of social posts. There’s so many different ways to repurpose content.

Now, an extra bonus: guest posting. It’s an awesome way to share expertise that maybe you don’t have in-house, or you can give your expertise to someone else. For example, we’re putting together an article for FoundersBeta with a lot of these DIY video tips.

And last but not least, mine your experience! People will respond to your story. Our emotions are actually a super effective way of engaging with your audience. Whether it’s talking about a failure, or a time when you were stumped or challenge, and then came out triumphant on the other side… People care about those stories and they want to hear them and learn from them.

This video was created from our experience, and some of the different ways we come up with new ideas for our own content.

So start building a list of ideas, and get creative!

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