Ok, so the longer we’re social distancing, the more out of control my bloopers get. I’ll admit it.

We’ve seen a lot of you start to try your own DIY video, and they look great! Next step, editing.

(If you haven’t already, check out our intro to shooting DIY cellphone video., and more tips for setting up a great shot at home.)

Editing can be tricky, but there are some great free tools that can help you really ramp up how engaging your video is. Here are some free resources:

YouTube (audio library)

Adobe Premier Rush (prev Adobe Premier Clip)
Quik, by GoPro

We want to give you everything you need to get started, so if you have questions while you’re tackling your project, give us a shout! Our team is happy to talk about best practices and give you some advice on how to take your video to the next level.

Editing can be a challenge (there’s a reason I let someone else deal with all my bloopers…), so whether you’re looking for a little advice, or for us to edit a project you’ve already shot, let’s talk!

(video transcript)

Hey everybody, Dave here from Oak & Rumble. This week I want to talk about editing techniques; this is going to make your video that much more engaging. You don’t always have to just upload a two-minute video of you talking to a camera; there are little things to help improve the quality even more.

How are you going to be able to do this yourself? Well, there are free apps out there to help. Adobe Premier is one, Headliner is another. And we’ll include a couple extra ones in the description.

So one easy way to create some emotion in your video is by adding in music. And music is an awesome way to create a tone, and really help drive your message and keep it that much more engaging. For example, if I’m talking about something say inspirational, or something maybe a little motivational or heroic, I might use music like this.

Behold, the day has been launched. The beast of Netherlore has to be slain. Alas. The gods smiled down on this joyous feast. May the Knights of Avalon ride with haste. The bosom of Apollo has been offered once again.

But for now, what we’ll do is just stick to some normal music that really first the tone of this video.

There are a lot of royalty-free music sites that are free; so YouTube actually has an audio library that you can use to download music. Bensound is another one

But make sure you read the description or fine print on the website because they might want you to put their url in your description if you’re using their music for free.

Headings and title screens like this one here are also really effective ways to communicate your message when people are viewing your video without sound, when they’re scrolling through a social media platform. Videos are typically auto-playing, and when that happens, the text can really jump out at them. It might entire the viewer to actually click your video.

On Facebook, 85% of videos are viewed without sound, so headings are going to be really effective for getting your message through there.

When somebody’s just scrolling through a platform, other things that are really effective are lower thirds like this. You can include the person’s name and title so the viewer knows who’s speaking.

And broll can help give your viewer more context to what it is you’re talking about. You could use images, screenshots, video, anything that helps communicate your message. For example….

Behold. The day has been launched. The beast of Nevelore has been slain. The bosom of Apollo has been offered once again.

Like, what are these words???

Don’t be afraid to use jump cuts. I use them a lot in this video already. And here’s another one. A jump cut is when you take two sequential shots that look very very similar, and you jump between them.

So for example, this is a jump cut. This would be a jump cut, and that’s a jump cut.

We’re finding a way to communicate messages quickly. And you’re seeing the frame slightly changing. You can communicate a lot and it makes your video a little shorter.

Finally, it’s super important to make sure you’re directing your viewer to a specific place when they’ve competed watching your video. We call this the CTA or call to action. You don’t want it to be too long, three to five seconds is perfect. Kind of like this one. Thanks for watching, and go check out the other resources on our website!

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