As a student in college trying to learn as much as I can about the world of video production, no experience taught me more then my internship with Oak & Rumble Media.

After spending three months working with Brandon and Dave, I learned so much about media and professionalism. I had an amazing time and would recommend that any student attempt to gain experience in the field before entering a professional career. Here is some advice when beginning an internship position and what made my internship so successful.

Tip #1: Be Yourself

It’s important when going in for your initial interview to not lie or pretend. Go in being yourself and showing your passion for production. What sets you apart from others? What gets you most excited about video making? Showing your personality creates the opportunity to develop trust and communication skills with your employer.

Always be honest about your strengths and weaknesses going into an experience. Honesty allows your employer to use you in the best way. This will help your employer to develop you in areas that you need improvement. When communicating my love of writing to Oak & Rumble, they were able to start me in my comfort zone of script revising and writing. This allowed me to show off my skills and acclimatize in an easier setting.

Tip #2: Be Confident

Confidence isn’t to be confused with arrogance. It’s always important to be humble around those who have more experience, knowledge and expertise than you. Being confident means trust in yourself. At Oak & Rumble I was responsible for shooting and editing a behind-the-scenes video for a commercial shoot. The task of shooting on a new camera was made less terrifying by the support of Brandon and Dave telling me, “You can do it!”

It’s equally important to believe in yourself. You’ve been training in school or independently and want to get into the business of video production. If that’s the case you shouldn’t be worried. Confidence will make you less nervous to try new things, and be proud of the work you produce. Remain confident in your skills, but remember there is always more to learn. You got to start somewhere!

Tip #3: Be Curious

You will always be a student in the world of video production. Technology is always advancing, changing, updating and moving. It’s important to make your internship as successful as you can. So ask questions, be curious, and gain as much knowledge as possible.

I was open and honest with Brandon about my weaknesses in colour correcting, and he helped teach me tricks, techniques and tools to make my life easier. Brandon’s strengths, and his lessons were meaningful and effective. Without asking for help, or asking questions, I would have forever remained unknowing. When you are in the presence of people who are more talented and experienced, don’t waste the opportunity to gain some of their wisdom.

Tip #4: Be Grateful

Never take a person or experience for granted during your internship. It’s important to remember the gift you are given and appreciate everyone involved in your learning process. Being polite and courteous will maintain and develop your professional reputation in the media world. Most people in the industry know each other, so being respectful is always important as it could lead to opportunities. Saying thank you to your actors, crew and clients is extremely valuable.

Brandon and Dave are always gracious whether it’s working with clients, actors, interviewing start-ups or communicating with interns. Remember to always be the best version of yourself and give your thanks, kindness and respect to those you work with. It’s that reputation you’ll take with you into your professional career.

That’s the advice I’d give that led to one of the most rewarding learning experiences I’ve had. Interning with Oak & Rumble Media was a great leap forward in building my confidence, knowledge and professionalism.

Guest Blog: Andi Roberts

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