Our Team

Remember all those fanatical marketers and creative directors?

Dave Hiff
Partner, Producer, Sidney Crosby Fan

Dave realized years ago that his looks weren’t up to television standards. It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to the field of video production.

Our fearless leader, Dave spends his time focusing on clients like you. He crushes deadlines and budgets like the Leafs crush the last month of every hockey season.

P: 519-716-9664
Brandon Hardy
Partner, Director, Wearer of Plaid

Scholars maintain that Brandon may have been the first person to learn how to operate a camera before he could speak. But don’t quote us on that.

Brandon’s our creative director. In the dictionary beside the word mastermind is a picture of Brandon. Again, don’t quote us.

Kendra Ross
Marketing Director, Queen of Fibbage

Kendra once referred to a spreadsheet as her baby. She was not being sarcastic.

As our marketer in residence, Kendra provides the data that informs great art. She also writes the fish puns. And did we mention that she holds the world record for the most games of Scrabble played in a day? #FakeTrivia

P: 519-573-0881
The Crew
Winners of Every Trophy We Give Them

Our team dominates the Content Marketing Olympics. They’re actually so amazing that the other teams have just stopped showing up. It’s a real thing, we swear.

There are so many talented people in Kitchener/Waterloo that we love working with. From photographers to developers, our people make magic.

We’re all here to help you meet your goals!

We start by looking at your goals, challenges, and budget. We’ll talk about your team, and what you can accomplish in-house.

Then, we’ll discuss how our awesome team can act as an extension of the amazing people you’re already working with.

So, what’s your challenge?

Finding Product / Market Fit

Sharing Your Story

Filling the Holes in Your Marketing and Sales Funnel

Getting Really, Really Loud

Let's Talk!

Looking for help telling your story? Let us know what your challenges are!


305 King Street West, Unit 604
Kitchener, ON

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