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When we were starting in this industry, we had amazing mentors and teachers who helped us grow. If you’re in school or just starting your career in video, we want you to learn on the job with us!

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First thing’s first: apply! There’s a handy form right below. Then we’ll have you in for a super informal interview.

Once you’ve joined the team, you’ll be matched up with your person. We’ll be your buddy, your mentor, your Yoda. We’ll give you opportunities to sit in on meetings and brainstorming sessions that we think you’ll find useful. And, when we have work that we think you’d be a good fit for, we’ll bring you onto projects!

Quick FAQs:

Q: Is this an unpaid internship?
A: No! It’s a paid, freelance/project-based internship. That means that you’ll be paid for the time you spend working. We’ll always be clear about the scope of the work and the pay before we bring you on to a project. If you’re busy, you can always pass one over. Although why would you, we’re awesome! We’ll also give you opportunities to shadow us in meetings. These times won’t be paid, but there will be lots to learn if you choose to join us.

Q: I heard about this through my school, does this count as co-op time?
A: No-ish. But we LOVE taking on co-ops, so talk to us about that option!

Q: Once I’m done school, will you hire me?
A: Hopefully! We work with a lot of freelancers and are always looking for more amazing partners.