Here at Reebee, we help people save time and money while shopping, so when we start marketing ourselves, we focus on the exact same things. How can we maximize our results, quickly and efficiently?

If your organization is efficient, like a tech startup, it can be easy and cheap to run a bunch of different experiments and measure which ones are moving business forward.

First, make sure you understand your target audience: what’s important to them, and where do they spend their time? For us, we know that Reebee helps parents shave tons of money off their grocery bill, and we know that parents are spending time on Facebook and YouTube, so it makes sense to start there. We also look at what other people are doing, and the current trends. It’s always a good idea to look at what other brands are doing when they’re engaging with the same demographic of customers that you may be.

Then, figure out what’s important to you. What are your goals? If you’re a startup, you probably want to measure metrics that will have a real impact on your business. Views are awesome, but they’re called a vanity metric for a reason. Look at the calls to action in your ads, and see how they convert throughout your entire funnel.

And finally, it’s time for experimenting. And don’t just go nuts on your channels, you can actually iterate on your messaging. Ad copy, images, calls to action, and even colours can have a massive impact on the results you see from your ads. Always be running multiple tests where you control for most of the variables.

That’s how we save time and money while marketing. Check out to see how you can do the same while shopping.

– Tobiasz Dankiewicz, Co-Founder, Reebee

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