Let’s talk about Search Engine Optimization, and more specifically schema markup.

Search engines are on a mission to match searchers with the best, most relevant content they can find on the web. In order to do this, they crawl sites and try to understand what the website is about. From this they can figure out ~80% of the content, but to help figure out the rest they have created a language they understand, the language of search engines called schema.org.

This language allows search engines to understand EXACTLY what your business is about, what services you offer, where you offer them, for who, with what outcome, what products you sell, who the people are in your team, how to contact you and much much more.

Here’s the best part. When you translate your website into the language of search engines, Google rewards you with rich results. The stars, images, and price details in search results are the direct outcome of those sites using schema markup.

Other benefits include up to 30% more click throughs, higher search rank, and an increase in organic traffic.

This is a new area of search engine optimization. Only ~30% of websites do it today, so it’s a great way to stand out in search. Google actually recommends you do this!

To get started, identify the most important aspects of your business and where they show up on your website. You can get basic translation from a plugin, so start there. Then dive into Google’s recommendations or reach out to an SEO expert to translate your top business pages for search engines so you can start reaping the benefits of being understood.

You might think you’re killing it with your content marketing strategy with blogs, video, and link building, but without schema, you’re not getting the results you could be.

Martha van Berkel, Co-Founder, Schema App

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