Traditionally, social media lives solely in the marketing world. Marketers take courses to learn about strategy, metrics, attribution, creating awesome content – so many things that HR professionals have never had to worry about.

But times are changing. More and more people who are applying to jobs do their homework.  They check you out on GlassDoor, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Anywhere that your company has an accessible presence, they’re reading! They want to know who you really are as a company. What do you stand for? Do your current employees love you? What are they getting into by applying to work with you?

And most importantly, when they come into your office for an interview are they going to be shocked because your job posting (which sounded nothing like your Facebook page) gave an impression that didn’t translate in real life? Because if you create dissonance about who you are as a company, you have likely lost your potential employee to a competitor.

Sharing honestly and authentically also allows you to set real expectations about your culture. For example, at Green Brick, we work hard. We talk about how every person we work with starts with a seat at the table, and we mean it. But that seat comes with serious responsibility, expectations, and hard work. If we were to mask that in our job postings and social presence, we’d be creating a mismatch between what we say and what we do: dissonance.

Our social media presence could attract people who might not end up being a good fit with the culture – that would make interviewing and hiring a more confusing and difficult process for everyone involved. And, it could mean that we’re losing potential star employees!

It’s important that you carry this authentic voice through your entire web presence. Because not only are people looking at your profiles and articles, they are diving in deep!

During a phone interview with a potential employee, she mentioned that she had been reading our reviews on GlassDoor. After a self-high five, because we have great reviews, she went on to tell me that she had gone so far as to read every single review and had some clarifying questions about one of them. What did the reviewer mean when he described an interaction with us (almost TWO years ago!)?

I had (thankfully) been part of that interaction and could tell her the whole story!

The takeaway is yes, people are looking. But also, that every article, every tweet, every single piece of content that hits the web is part of your employer brand. And the web never forgets.

We have decided to take a larger, more active part in our social media. We want to reach candidates for recruitment purposes, of course, but why not also use it to tell our own people and our potential people what they want to know?

HR is shaking up our online presence! Look forward to hearing about our tech, our people, our best practices and what it’s really like to work for Green Brick Labs. And, of course, the occasional hilarious cat meme. Because we can!

Tell us your story. How do you interact with social media when you’re looking for a job? Or when you’re a company posting a job? How far down the rabbit hole of research do you go before you apply? What about after you’re in the process? We’d love to hear from you!

– Krista


Krista Hare is Director of HR at Green Brick Labs. An engineer turned HR guru, Krista cares about numbers, spreadsheets, feelings, and making sure the best people do their best work. Green Brick is hiring, so check out their website and connect with Krista to learn more!

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