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Whether it’s a lunch & learn or a presentation series, we’d love to help your group start thinking about how you can add video to your toolkit.

Our Most Requested Presentations

The Biggest Bang for Your Buck
Video + Small Business

Kendra will help your small business group understand how they can add video to their marketing plans for FREE! From types of video to best practices, we’ll walk through all the nitty gritty details that business owners need to know to get real results.

Where Creepy Meets Endearing
Video + Sales

Dave will lead your sales team through industry best practices that are guaranteed to increase your conversion rates. From must use technology, to the value of personalized video, your team will learn everything they need to jumpstart their video efforts.

Human-Centered Marketing
Where Big Data Meets Empathy

Wait, what? You heard us right. In the age of big data, it’s personalized, human-centered experiences that matter. Our team will walk you through how to develop human-centered campaigns, with data that will sway the most sceptical engineers.

The Future of B2B Marketing
Video + B2B

B2B marketing doesn’t need to be boring. (And no, your customer doesn’t want to read your 50 page whitepaper.) Kendra can introduce your team to trends in marketing complex products with long sales cycles. Learn everything you need to be on the cutting edge of customer-focused marketing that gets results.

Our Team

Kendra laughing
Kendra Ross

I help passionate business owners and marketers share what makes them special, and bridge the gap between technology and the real people who you need to win over to see business results.

I recently helped grow a startup consulting firm into a multi-million dollar business. As part of that growth, I wrote their company values. There are five, and they’re pretty to-the-point. My favourite, and the one I live by, is “Crush It”.

When I talk about goals for my clients and my team, I talk in terms of world domination. That’s my goal, and I love supporting people who share it!

Dave - laughing
Dave Hiff

I understand the challenges that come with building and scaling a business. I’ve worked the late nights and taken the 6 am phone calls. And the one thing I’ve learned that underpins every meeting, every challenge, and every win, is that your people and relationships are your most important asset.

Let’s worry about the numbers together, and figure out how you can leverage your people to meet those concrete business goals.

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