Or, an excuse to compare myself to Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy

Here’s an obvious statement for you: teamwork is essential to success. I know, I know – groundbreaking, right?

When you think about creating video, you often think about the art of it: lights, camera, action. But there’s a huge amount of work that goes on behind the scenes, and a lot of that is thanks to a producer. Yes, “producer” is more than a vanity credit for hollywood stars!

Dave is our producer, and although he gives me a lot of the credit for our work, I wouldn’t be able to create video without him. It would be like a great golfer trying to succeed without a great caddy. A caddy’s role isn’t just to carry and clean the clubs you know!

A great caddy:

  • Goes out prior to the tournament to walk the course
  • Checks yardages
  • Identifies ideal targets / landing spots
  • Identifies any “danger” areas to avoid
  • Checks the slope and breaks of the green
  • Checks weather patterns and prevailing wind direction
  • Provides moral and mental support and confidence

The success of the golfer relies on all of those things. There’s so much work that people don’t see. When you’re watching professional golf, all you’re exposed to is the athlete swinging the club and accepting the trophy. (Oh, and Tiger’s girlfriends, but let’s end the comparison here.)

When we talk about creating video, all you typically think about is the camera man pressing record, or the director yelling action. But, like a caddy, the producer makes that all happen. They’re organized and over prepared, and there are tons of tiny details to consider.

A great producer:

  • Is the main point of contact for a client, understanding their values and goals
  • Manages the budget
  • Manages the scripting process
  • Plans for all the resources including gear and props
  • Oversees the talent scouting
  • Oversees location scouts
  • Hires wardrobe and makeup crews
  • Arranges transportation for all equipment, crew, and talent
  • Coordinates with the client’s travel plans
  • Schedules and organizes production day
  • Is obsessed with staying on schedule, and keeps track of tasks
  • Ensures everyone eats
  • Loves emails
  • Becomes the client representative on set, ensuring the production is meeting expectations
  • Works closely with the editor and motion graphics artist
  • Double checks every detail including facts, spelling, links, and phone numbers
  • Is obsessed with meeting deadlines
  • Maintains a healthy state of paranoia
  • Is willing to do any role they’re needed for
  • Takes responsibility for the project’s success or failure
  • Refuses to accept failure
  • Under promises
  • Over delivers

Sometimes I think that people see only one of us as running the creative side of the business. But Dave’s creative with budgets, resources, and locations, doing everything he can to meet a client’s goals. He does an amazing job of this for our team, and we wouldn’t be successful without him.

The success of a video project relies heavily on teamwork. And this doesn’t end when the production of the video is over. Marketers like Kendra play a huge role before and after the production process as well.

So, the next time you watch golf, remember the fitness trainer, sports psychologist, swing coach, short game coach, and caddy. And know that Rory McIlroy couldn’t have won championships without them.

Yes, I did just compare myself to someone who’s swept the PGA tour awards. But only because JP Fitzgerald is the highest paid caddy in the world – and rightfully so. They’ve been a team for his entire career, and McIlroy couldn’t win without him.

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