We tell engaging



We start by looking at your goals, challenges, and budget. Then, we’ll become your brand’s biggest fans, finding the narratives that resonate and inspire.

Dave Hiff

Partner, Producer, Plate Spinner


Dave’s first foray into video involved casting his five brothers in his version of Harry Potter. Now, he manages all our projects (and a much larger pool of amazing actors)! He’ll be your primary point of contact, and is obsessed with timelines, budgets, and the practical details of bringing your vision to life.

Dave Hiff
Brandon, Dave and Kendra sitting around a table with computers

Brandon Hardy

Partner, Creative Director, Dad Joker


Brandon might have been born with a camera in his hand. And if you see him in the wild without a camera, chances are he’ll be glued to his phone, watching behind-the-scenes videos of his favourite movies and commercials. (Our data charges are out of control.)

Brandon and Brad working on camera gear

Kendra Ross

VP of Marketing, Walking Google


A fount of (both useful and very useless) knowledge, Kendra makes sure every video we create meets your marketing goals. She’ll talk KPIs, CTAs, and CPCs until someone stops her to ask for a definition.

Kendra Ross
Mug with the caption, be bold, or italic, never regular

Mac Elsley

Junior Editor. Chief Junior Editor.


Before Mac discovered video editing, he found the Pause button. He and his friends captured hours of footage, which they cut together by pressing pause and running to other areas of their house. No room for error! But don’t worry, he’s learned a lot. Now, he makes sure all our content is picture-perfect.

Mac Elsley
Mac sitting in a dark room, editing a video

Gus & Chewie

Chief Barketing Officer & Head of Security


Whether you need a quick cuddle or a running buddy, Gus & Chewie are happy to oblige! They can put their own game of tug-of-war on hold. Maybe you have treats?

Our Awards


Over five years as a team, we’ve won some awards that we’re really proud of! We bring creativity, marketing savvy, and a whole lot of fun to every project we work on. That’s why our clients love us, and why they keep coming back.

Videographer Awards, Distinction

Video Production, Corporate Image

This award was won for a branding campaign video we created for Sun Life Global Investments.

Marcom Awards, Gold

Web Video, Marketing

We love working on commercials that become the cornerstone of bigger marketing campaigns!

Videographer Awards, Distinction

Video Production, Creative Cinematography

The Nation of Illumination video had beautiful shots — our crew rocks!

Marcom Awards, Honourable Mention

Video Production, Event Video

Event videos don’t have to be boring!

Videographer Awards, Excellence

Video for the Web >60 seconds

We love creating video specifically designed for social media. Short, catchy, actionable.

Marcom Awards, Gold

Video Production, Pro Bono

Working with a non-profit? We care about supporting our community, and can help you create award-winning campaigns.

Marcom Awards, Platinum

Web Video, Corporate Image

When we were reintroduced to the Walper Hotel, we wanted to share it with the world!