I have a confession. I’m a little bit obsessed with Twitter. If you’re a B2B business whose audience spends time there, it can be an amazing way to reach out directly to them.

Like on Facebook, you should always upload your videos so they play natively in Twitter. The engagement and sharing rates go way up, and most people have left their settings so that videos play automatically as they’re scrolling through their feeds.

Twitter does have a time limit of 2 minutes, 20 seconds for video content, but your content should be shorter than that anyways to make sure it’s engaging and shareable on social media channels. So, what else should you do?

  1. Write awesome accompanying text to go along with your videos. You can’t set custom thumbnails on Twitter, so this becomes extra important.
  2. Expand your audience with relevant hashtags. Don’t go overboard here though – if you use too many, engagement rates drop way off. It just seems spammy.
  3. Experiment with trimming your video. Try only showing the first hook, and including a link in your text that directs people to your website if they want to see the rest.

Twitter can be a B2B marketer’s dream – so start sharing!

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