Working on animated video with us

Adding video to your content marketing and sales plans can feel overwhelming, especially if you don’t already have video marketing specialists internally. That’s why when we start working with you, we’ll truly become part of your team. We believe that’s the best way to create content that truly represents your brand, and helps you meet your business goals.

So what should you expect when we start working together? What does a “typical” animation project look like?

Kick-off meeting

First, we’ll sit down and discuss the big picture. Why have you decided that now’s the time to add video to your plans? Do you have goals for how it will support your strategic plan?

We’ll also talk about your budget, and discuss what we can be accomplished within it. We’ll look for ways to create the most value. At this point, we can talk about repurposed content – video that can be used to support multiple campaigns and teams.

Strategy discussion

In our next conversation, we’ll dive a little deeper into your goals and brand. We’ll talk about the specific campaign that we’re building the video for, and discuss the story that we’re going to tell. We’re going to have a bunch of questions about your brand, tone of voice, imagery, and your target market. At this point, our animation team would love to get:

  • any branding documents, including guidelines, logos, fonts,
  • access to the platform if we’re doing a walkthrough of your product, and
  • any samples of other animated videos that you like.

We can also start talking about specific KPIs and metrics of success for the campaign. Every decision we make throughout this process should be made with these in mind!

Deliverable: Concepts

At this point, we’ll take away everything we know about you and start to develop concepts! We’ll be discussing story ideas and journeys for our hero. 

Ongoing brand and campaign discussions

Throughout the whole process, you’ll be working with one of our awesome marketers (let’s call her Kendra) on your campaign strategy. She’ll be as involved as you need – sitting in on meetings, offering advice on tracking metrics, or even just touching base to discuss how the brand story is evolving.

She’ll be involved in every stage of our process, so when we’re making decisions about your video, you have an expert on your brand in the room.

Deliverable: Script

Exciting! It’s finally time to review the script! We’ll send this over to your team to review, along with some thoughts on messaging. Then, we can sit down to walk through everything and discuss any revisions.

Deliverable: Voiceover

One of our favourite parts of creating animated video is choosing a voice actor. They’ll bring life to your story and represent your brand and the hero. We’ll send you samples of a few different actors reading part of your script so you can choose the perfect person.

Deliverable: Storyboard

The storyboard will be a rough outline of the visuals that will accompany the script to tell a compelling story.

Deliverable: Style frames / design

Style frames are more detailed than the storyboard – you’ll start to see what the graphics will actually look like in the video. This is one of the most important conversations we’ll have. These style frames should represent your brand and will be the basis for the animation.

Ongoing discussions about distribution

While our video team is working on actually producing your content, Kendra can work with you on your distribution plan. You’ll revisit your goals and KPIs, and discuss how exactly you’re going to meet them. You can discuss where the video will live, what copy will resonate on which landing pages, best practices for sharing video on social media channels, how the video can be leveraged by your sales team etc.

Deliverable: First cut

At this point, we just want to make sure we’re all on the same page and excited to see the story brought to life! This first cut will only have a voiceover; it won’t have the final sound design. This means that you won’t hear any music or awesome sound effects. 

Deliverable: Second cut

More magic: the sound design is done! At this point, you’re witnessing your video in all its glory! Last call.

Deliverable: The final product

We’ll provide an export in any format you need. Normally this is a high-resolution mp4, but we’ll already have discussed where the video’s going to live, so we’ll make sure you have all the right files.

The hard part’s done for us, but your work is just getting started.

Debrief meeting

A few weeks after you’ve launched the video, we’ll sit down as a team one more time to discuss what worked, what didn’t, and what we might adjust next time. Together we’ll walk through all of the feedback, as well as look at the analytics of your campaigns, and assess the initial numbers. The real question is always: are we hitting those KPIs?

Understand. Create. Analyze. Repeat.

Keep treating us as part of your team! We’re always happy to discuss ways you can repurpose your video content and talk about how you can continue to add video to your marketing and sales campaigns effectively.

How else can we help?

Our team can support your content strategy beyond just creating amazing content. We can help with:

  • Creating brand guidelines for video, social media, graphics, and written content
  • Developing a content calendar
  • Writing effective landing page copy
  • Repurposing your video with extra cuts that support social media or sales campaigns
  • Email marketing and sales strategy and execution
  • Social media management
  • Video hosting
  • Analytics

Give us a shout to talk about how we can act as an extension of the amazing team you’ve already built!